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Grosvenor Interiors

Sunbury Manor School

Grosvenor’s recent project at Sunbury Manor School required that we install the wall graphics to various areas like the lobby, hall, canteen and corridors. The scheme included a 6 metre high wall in the entrance lobby and also other graphics in the main hall which had a working height of 5m. Not only was there a significant amount of wall graphics to be installed, but there was also a tight deadline where the school wanted all the work installed after pupil exam results and before the school reopened for staff, who were preparing for the new school year. This left us with a two-day window to install the project, we had six men onsite for two days and high-level access equipment.

Thankfully we were able to complete the job in time, Grosvenor Interiors obviously happy and were able to forward us a very special note from their client saying how smoothly the project had gone.

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