Wall Glamour® specialise in wall graphics for interiors.We work with Branding Designers, Interior Designers and Architects to create inspiring spaces for business, education, retail, health & leisure.

Wall Glamour® started life as an online store. We designed and made our own wall stickers and sold thousands into homes all over the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. Our products were used on the sets of several TV shows and we even starred on 60 Minute Makeover, where we installed wall stickers in a home for the show. Our success led to enquiries from commercial designers, and took us in a new direction to where we find ourselves today.

Our commercial work has been varied, helping businesses to promote themselves and their products and also making offices inspiring places to work. We have installed graphics and murals in Universities, Gyms, Retail spaces, Schools and Hospitals. Some of our clients have won awards for the projects we have been involved in, but we are just the back-room services helping our clients deliver great projects.

From a dusty shed at the bottom of a garden, with a second-hand vinyl cutter bought on eBay, we have developed significantly over the last 15 years and have now installed graphics in every major city in the UK.




The best part of our work is seeing the reactions of clients and users when they see their spaces become utterly transformed. It is regular praise for us and our design clients, we know that images and graphics can have a lasting impact.

Fun and colourful illustrations or images can have a positive effect on children, likewise having something less stimulating in other areas can be beneficial for calming children. In education we can use these findings to promote better cognitive ability. Numerous studies around environmental psychology have shown that improved environments can have a positive effect on patient outcome in healthcare settings. And in businesses, productivity and motivation can be stimulated.

As science and social sciences better understand our brains and motivations, we can better understand the impact that the environment can have on people.