Last year, it seemed that animals in interiors were everywhere. You couldn’t enter a room without seeing an owl ornament, a stag on a cushion or even an attractive fox-shaped salt shaker.

However, this year looks like it might just be the year of the swan. We’ve already started seeing the elegant shape of the swan popping up on a variety of interiors blogs, and so here we’ve decided to share the best of the bunch.

This delightful black swan oil painting shows how the simple swan can conjure up an atmosphere of tranquil elegance that really works well when used on grand interior items like the lovely fireplace below.


Whereas this retro wallpaper is packed full of swans, water lilies and weeping willows. The unusual and almost kitsch colour scheme of golds, greens and lush pinks gives the room a unique and exotic feel.


Sometimes just the iconic swan silhouette is all you need. These chic cushions show off the swan’s beguiling shape in all of its beautiful simplicity. Perfect for adding a bit of cosy elegance to your room!


And there are also some highly modernist ways to get the swan motif into your interiors. Check out these great Eero Aarnio swan lamps that come in three striking colours, but never stray from the ever-pleasing curvilinear form of the swan.


But above all the sight of the swan will always provide feelings of a relaxed elegance. And this is shown perfectly by its use of the Swan Lake wallpaper that is mirrored in the colours and textures of the sofa fabric to provide a lovely light space for those rare moments of tranquillity!