Summer Holiday

It’s always fairly heart-breaking to come back after a luxurious summer holiday, but you can always take a bit of inspiration from your distant excursions to brighten up your home with a bit of holiday glamour.

Hallways can often be one of the most under-appreciated areas of any house, but this hallway is brightened up considerably by taking elements of beach style. The colourful floral curtains and an array of beach artefacts such as signposts, fishing nets and a snorkel all serve to remind that the beach is never too far away!


Something about beach accessories seems to provide a free and easy elegance to any space. And this is shown in this chic and cosy office that is livened up by a surf board, whereas the soft wooden flooring and clear white spaces gives the room a bright beach house flavour.


And this outdoor terrace really extends the holiday mood by using soft white and blue coastal hues to provide a refined space to relax and reminisce. The clusters of coastal accessories like oars and fishermen’s lamps are subtle enough to help stave off any dangers of beach pastiche!

Broste Copenhagen nordicblues__01310_ACHICA.jpg

Of course, not all holidays are about hitting the beach. This funky living room takes great inspiration from the desert and is permeated with a Latin American feel with its joyous use of colour, lovingly thrown-together fabrics and the excellent use of a cactus!


And finally, we must remember that summer holidays are not always about having all the mod cons. Sometimes, the best holidays are the ones that take us away from our home comforts and allow us to experience a whole new way of life. This tiny little dining room illustrates this with its cosy and rustic charm that is incredibly simple, but filled with a wondrous and hearty holiday atmosphere!