The DIY crafting revolution has been going on for quite a few years now and one of its main areas of activity is in the home. In particular, the use of stencils are a quick, cheap and easy way to update a featureless space.

This living room furthers the oriental theme with a dramatic use of colour that is accented perfectly by the clean white floral stencil embellishment. The symmetrical alcove effect provides an almost Zen-like motif of tranquillity that is clarified by the clean white furniture and stark green paintwork.


If you’re feeling somewhat nervous about trying painted stencil patterns on your walls, then this use of a stencilled motif on fabric illustrates the simple power of the technique to great effect. The repeated pattern lends a soft and homespun air to the child’s bedroom and does a great job of accenting the dark wall colours.


Furniture is a popular place to add a stencilled flourish as shown by the dresser below. The use of stencils to create a pleasing symmetrical pattern subtly transforms the dresser and adds an individual touch of shabby-chic in a way that is fun and cheap too!


Or if you fancy getting a little more creative, then check out the playfully stencilled wooden trunk below that adds an oriental and floral touch that works brilliantly with the uniquely upcycled chair and soft furnishings.


And once you’re truly getting the swing of the stencilling craze, then perhaps have a go at this intricately stencilled lace flooring effect that might be a little time consuming, but can really add a level of elegance in new and surprising ways!