One area of the home that offers great design potential, yet often gets overlooked is the stairs.

This is somewhat surprising as the basic elements of stairs – functionality, sharp lines and an iconic aesthetic – makes them something of a design classic, and here we’re going to show you a few ways that we can celebrate the humble staircase!

The staircase below illustrates a quick and simple way to brighten up your stairs by painting a series of soft pastel colours on each stair that creates a chic and playful feel, especially when contrasted with the clean white walls. The dog is optional!

paint stairs 1

Stair runners are another quick and cheap way to make your stairway more interesting. This white and navy striped stair runner accents the length of the staircase and breezily complements the neutral tones of the hallway.


Whereas this clever use of paintwork creates an inverse stair runner by leaving the central section of each stair bare in a way that ties together the interior spaces and celebrates the wonderful woodwork!


Of course, there is always a modernist twist on even the most traditional interior. And these ‘hanging’ stairs seemingly float in the chic apartment space, and the forward-thinking designer has even reinvented the humble banister by using yacht cables wrapped in leather instead!


But in spite of all innovation, the sheer functionality of the stair case is something that should be celebrated in its simplicity. And through contrast with the clean white walls and stark black ornamentation, these wooden stairs are allowed to breathe and provide a solid and comforting foundation to the home.