Sometimes trends in interiors take a surprising turn. And the current wave of seeing skulls decorating homes is one of the strangest yet. Whether it is partaking in a touch of desert chic, or being part of a neo-Gothic revival, the use of skulls in a room is an instant way to grab attention and make people think!

This carved bull skull presents a traditional use of the skull in the home. The iconic shape is instantly recognisable and provides an idiosyncratic, yet natural touch and works really well with the crisp blacks and whites.


And the use of a human skull in a home is always going to provide an eye-catching impression. This skull takes pride of place in the deeply minimalist living room to illustrate that a macabre and intellectual sense of humour is evident!


If skulls make you somewhat squeamish, but you still want to embrace the skeletal chic, then a good set of antlers can work wonders. This deserted inspired living room uses a rich and distinctive ochre colour palette that contrasts against the crisp white bone of the antler lighting to frame the scene to spectacular effect.


And seemingly no room is safe from the all-pervasive power of skulls. The wild west theme is again evident here in this child’s nursery with an attractive set of cactus and horseshoe patterned blankets and the slightly sinister animal skull watching from above!


But as this living room skull shows, the skull works best when it is used sparingly. Here the softly painted skull sits happily upon a set of coloured boxes that provides a slightly incongruous, yet stimulating effect. It shouldn’t work, but just does!