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Rocketland Media

Colwyn Bay

In 2018 we worked directly with Rocketland, to installed a 14 metre long wall wrap, in the main offices of iVendi, in Colwyn Bay. We also wrapped the office lobby and doors leading into the space.

In 2019 iVendi then asked Rocketland to design further graphics as they expanded into more spaces in the building. We installed graphics in their ground floor entrance lobby, and all stairwell lobbies.

Rocketland created all the artwork from their survey and measurements of the walls, as the project management was done fully remotely. We consulted via phone and email, with photographs sent through from the client with all the dimensions. We were able to install these two phases of the project with zero hitches, the only time we saw the spaces were on the installation days.

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Wall Glamour, Unit 6,
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