2016 looks like it will be remembered as the year that everything went slightly tropical.

Whether it was the influence of the Rio Olympics, or just a slight case of jungle fever, whatever it was, it seemed that you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing rich turquoises and greens, palm leafs, and now a pineapple micro-trend!

Yes, this unlikely hero of our supermarket shelves has seemingly catapulted itself into the attention of interior designers the world over, and now we’re seeing a range of rich wallpapers and fabrics inspired by the humble pineapple.


Whereas this selection of pineapple wall decals offers a stark contrast by accenting the more playful elements of the pineapple to create a cute interior when placed against the soft pinks and charming rabbit accessory!


And that’s not saying that pineapples have to stay strictly in the aesthetic domain of course. These delightful pineapple ornaments also have a utilitarian function by serving as a small storage space, whilst acting as an excellent accessory to the funky geometric designs!


And these luxurious gold bookends prove that pineapples can fit in their tropical charm to even the most deep-thinking of spaces!


But the main thing to remember about using pineapples in your interiors, is that they are meant to be fun, quirky and must be able to bring an element of tropical charm to the occasion. Just take a look at the wonderful scooped-out pineapple vases below for a further bit of inspiration on how to get in on pineapple chic.