We are a North Yorkshire based team, all from the surrounding area. Outside of the core team we have a large network of installers and creatives that we call on to help us deliver our projects.


Rick Jesse – Founder

Born in the town of Malton, where we are based, Rick always showed some creative flair as a child. This was good as there wasn’t much else he was good at. Thankfully Rick was able to make a career out of the creative foundation and his love for computers, which led him to work with some very prestigious brands.

Rick is ultimately a novelty seeker, looking for new experiences that broaden his creative depths. A musician, artist, maker and author all help to form the ideas that help create inspiring spaces.


Jamie Flinton – Production Manager

Jamie is a generalist capable of turning his hand to anything, from creative pursuits like graphics, illustration and animation right through to practical skills like installing, mechanicing and even electrics. He also can code and spends his weekends working on his project car.

Jamie has been part of the team for about ten years since he was a student, he left to get his degree and came back to work for us officially from 2016, and is now a linchpin in the business where nothing happens without his input.


Becky Cooper – Administrator

Nothing is too difficult for Becky, always learning, always monitoring, always happy and always polite. Becky helps keep the business and the wider-team on track, managing the accounts, booking hotels, keeping our health and safety requirements up to date.

Becky lives with her young family in Malton, she loves travel, good food and drink, films and spending time with friends and their families.