Not content with causing a massive trend in fashion and beauty circles, the ombre craze is showing no signs of slowing down in interiors either. The effect which describes the gradual shading from one colour tone into another first captured the public’s attention in the 19th century, but lay dormant until around ten years ago where it lit up the catwalks and it has been taken to heart by many designers.

This softly painted ombre wall instantly shows the power that the technique has to create a subtle yet powerful aesthetic in your home. The clever use of sky blues and cloud whites almost make it feel like the room is floating through the skies!


And if you’re a little cautious about painting a whole wall with the ombre design, then this subtle ombre curtain illustrates how effective the colour graduation can be in adding an ethereal touch to a room.


But that’s not to say that the use of ombre in the interior has to be light and airy all of the time. This wonderfully atmospheric bedroom creates a sense of a soft cocoon through its pale pinks fading into the cool blues that tie in perfectly to the Moroccan-themed floor tiles.


Ombre can also be used to great effect on furniture too, as illustrated by this stylish chest of drawers that uses gradations of the soft apricot tones to wittily demarcate the separate drawers.

nov 25 2012 003

And if you fancy getting truly out there, then check out this colourfully painted radiator below. The use of reds and yellows in the ombre gradient not only liven up the sombre room, but also helpfully illustrate the warming effects of the appliance too!