There can be few things as magical in any room as a well-placed mirror. Whether it be a vintage thrift shop find, or even the most groundbreaking modernist design, a well chosen mirror can give your interior a bewitching sense of depth and offer you the perfect chance to play with its fascinating optical effects.

This vintage mirror works beautifully in this wonderfully light, white room. It’s just the perfect size and shape to fill the inviting space between the windows, and its simple yet stylish shape adds a touch of bohemian cool to the stylish interior.


Whereas this amazing sunburst mirror goes to the opposite extreme. By reducing the actual mirror aspect to a small piece of ornamentation, the rest of the mirror is given over to the wonderful golden sunburst that works magnificently against the soft greys of the walls and the pale creams of the furnishings to create a space of relaxation and opulence.


And then from such retro-sophistication we come straight to the modern mirror style which is utilised to a staggering effect in this funky bedroom. By placing uniform square mirrors together to create a wall sculpture, the light is allowed to bounce playfully around the room, and the mirrors themselves form a chic headboard. The whole effect is complemented perfectly through the modernist light fixture and the great use of ornately patterned furnishings.


And if you really want to use mirrors for a real sense of fun, then look no further than this great Halb/Halb mirror that offers a unique perspective on your room. By styling the mirror with a 180 degree bent surface, you’ll get to see a brand new perspective in your interior. And what’s more is that it can be tilted in a variety of ways to keep things fresh and interesting!


And finally, why just have one mirror when you have a classy wall of mirrors like the room below. By providing a display of many different weird and wonderful vintage mirrors, it provides an interesting and unique effect that opens up the space above the cabinet and gives the room a relaxed and bohemian atmosphere.