Minimal Christmas

One thing that every interior designer fears when facing the festive season is clutter. Something about Christmas and all its requisite accessory can soon turn any home into an overstuffed Christmas nightmare!

However, a few discerning Tastemakers have been on the case, and here we’re going to take a look at a few alternative approaches to the festive season that aim to declutter our living spaces in a minimalist Christmas.

This living room gets straight to the heart of the matter by reducing the traditional Christmas tree to a modernist frame, whilst replacing the thick reds and greens of Christmas with sleek whites and soft golds to make the room feel light and airy.


Snow is a traditional aspect of many Christmases, and here the minimal use of colour means that the bright whites have an overwhelmingly soft and wintry feel that flows perfectly with the distressed furniture and ethereal tree shapes.


That’s not to say that the minimal Christmas has to be a sombre affair. This mirror makes great use of a post-it note collage to create a whimsical tree shape that celebrates Christmas in a novel and playful manner.


Another minimalist adaptation of Christmas themes is shown below with the wonderfully simple advent calendar created in simple blacks and whites to reflect the soft neutral tones of the walls, and the impressive black branches of the hyper-minimalist tree!


So when putting together your minimalist Christmas, don’t forget that whites and simplicity should prioritise, but as shown in the charming suspended branch of festive knick-knacks below, it should have all the heart and warmth of the best Christmases!