One iconic piece of imagery that seems to keep cropping up in interiors is the humble map. Whether it be a global map of the world or even a simple street plan, there’s something about maps that is both highly functional yet aesthetically pleasing!

This dining area uses a map of the world to great effect through its usage as wallpaper. The soft blues and pinks form a refined and interesting backdrop to the clean whites and charmingly simple wooden furniture, and will keep a travel-buff entertained for hours!


Globes are one of the most celebrated uses of maps, and they have seen a resurgence in recent years. Something about the iconic design conjures up the feelings of well-travelled sophistication and they are a must-have for any vintage-inspired home.


This bathroom makes great use of roadmaps to form an eye-catching backdrop to the functional space. Something about the blues of the lakes and the intricate road layout makes the compact sink area seem so much more panoramic!


Whereas this map as a lampshade utilises the map style in a cute and carefree way. And it totally plays up to its vintage charm in conjunction with the oh-so-retro radio, craftily-placed Penguin book and refined teacup.


But the one thing that maps can really do well, is play upon the sense of scale. This world map feature wall is grandly captivating and is successfully integrated into the room through matched colours in the cushions and soft furnishings.