Let your imagination run wild: decorating your children’s bedroom!

If there’s one room that you can really use your imagination in, it’s the children’s bedroom.

Inventiveness, colour and plenty of fun are all the ingredients you’ll need to create somewhere truly memorable for a child to run riot!

This very stylish bedroom uses floral wallpaper and a carefully chosen colour palette to create a chic atmosphere. And although the emphasis is on a pretty combination of patterns and fabrics, there is a handily-placed blackboard at the end of the bed to let the child scribble away to their heart’s content!

Children's bedroom with a a chic atmosphere


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And this bedroom has a great interactive fabric map feature which, along with the classy French comic book wall prints, at least tries to give the impression of a learning environment.

Educational kids themed room


Of course, the child’s bedroom doesn’t necessarily have to be crammed full of displays, toys, posters and gadgets. This room focuses on a delightfully colourful bed with sparse, but striking wall flower artwork.

Jungle themed kids bedroom


If there’s one thing that nearly all children seem to love, it’s animals. This room is a veritable jungle of wild beasts competiting for a child’s attention. Whether it be the painted elephants walking across the walls, or the toy giraffes poking over the bed, or even the parachuting monkeys suspended from the ceiling, one thing’s for sure; there’ll never be a dull moment in this room!

Jungle themed children's bedroom


And if you really want to reach for the stars with your child’s bedroom, take a look at this space-inspired room. A suspended solar system circles a light-fitting ‘sun’, whilst the the route of comets are mapped above the all-important matching galactic bedspread. So why not let your imagination go to infinity, and beyond!

Space themed kids bedroom