One of the big textures to hit interiors in recent months is kilim. Kilim is a word of Turkish origin that describes the flatweave pattern that is created and celebrated in a host of countries stretching all of the way from Turkey to China, and it’s a great way to give your home a touch of bohemian charm.

This living room uses a kilim rug to great effect by providing a rich and warming foundation to the room that maintains its rustic simplicity through the wooden armchairs, clean white walls and wonderfully patterned chest.


And this bright and breezy kilim rug adds a soft and welcoming touch to the light and airy living room. The slightly desaturated colours work brilliantly with the modern and minimalist aesthetic of the space, and it injects just the right amount of bohemian character.


But kilim isn’t restricted to rugs of course. It can be used to great effect in wall hangings, bench coverings, and can even be crafted into a wonderfully inviting sofa like the one below that offers the perfect level of shabby-chic comfort.


And even in functional living spaces such as this highly modernist kitchen, a well-placed kilim rug can work wonders in softening things up and providing a gently comforting sense of modern bohemianism.


Above all, the playfully patterned and coloured kilim rug allows your home to become a place to enjoy yourself. This fringed kilim rug may provide a basic function of catching crumbs from the dining table, but most of all it adds colour, life and character to the living environment.