Kids Bedroom Ideas

Under the sea - wall sticker

Girl with baloon wall sticker

One of the recent favourites

There’s something quite majestic about the humble lighthouse, when we see them without a storm they don’t serve much purpose other than enhancing the seaside sunset, but when the storm is in full flow, they’re a life saving relic.

This lighthouse wall sticker sits perfectly in with the kids imaginative play, where the boats get stranded out at sea and the only thing that can get them home now is the flashing lights at shore.

Make believe, but one step closer

When we were young, it didn’t take much, our minds put everything in place, from the lava, to the fairies and everything in between, I always like to play in the woods, and this tree wall sticker is spot on for bringing the outside in, without the usual mess!

Below are a few or our ideas for kids bedrooms, we could come up with millions but we thought we’d also show you our customer photos as they are a better selection of how to use our products.

Our kids wall stickers would be great for bedrooms but not only that, playrooms or nurseries. You don’t need to have the usual Disney themed room, you could try a rock star theme, or faries and butterflies.

Let their imaginations run wild!

We might not always agree with our little humans, however giving them the creativity to go ahead and decorate their own room (with some boundaries of course!) can be a great way of letting them make their room their own.

Lighthouse wall art

Red Riding Hood wall art