Interior design ideas with lettering

One trend that has been rapidly gaining ground in recent years, is the move towards using text and lettering in unconventional ways in interiors. It can allow you to customise your own special message to the world in your home, and also to stamp your identity on your living space!

This girl’s bedroom uses a larger than life typeface to proclaim the child’s room with just enough confidence and clarity to ensure that all of the family knows who’s boss!

Writing on the wall - Lettering decoration

Whereas this hyper-chic Swedish kitchen workspace advances the traditional blackboard concept by adding a splash of colour in a way that is bright and eclectic. And of course, the blackboard’s inherent functionality means that if you don’t like what you see, you can just wipe it off and start again!

Kitchen Chalkboard

Whereas this office space really goes to town on typography by using outsize letters in a carefree and haphazard way, to communicate the concept that big ideas can happen here, it’s just a matter of time when!

Alternative office decor

Another massively popular use of lettering in interiors recently is the use of ‘home truths’ almost as an affirmation, that is best served in conjunction with some highly individual lettering format such as this vibrant ‘Love Rules Forever’ neon sign that adds warmth to the modern living space.

"Love Rules Forever" - neon sign

A more subdued approach is illustrated by this stylish rug that uses handwriting as a personal touch to lend a relaxing sense of poetry to the modern, yet comfortable living room space.

Handwriting rug - lettering room decor

And, this on-trend fluorescent light installation really adds a sense of drama and coolness in the room by offering an elliptical and ambiguous word form to become a piece of art in itself!

London Neon Sign - Alternative interior design - lettering

One of our more popular products are our Letter wall stickers, you can select exactly the letters you want which means that you can go to town with completely bespoke words. You can go for the usual, but everlasting kids names on doors, or go slightly more adventurous and put messages up around your house. Take a closer look by clicking the image below: