Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions that we get asked the most, if you have any questions at all please contact us at and we’ll aim to give you an answer as quick as we can.

How do I fit wall stickers?

Visit our how to applysection to see our step by step guide. There is also a downloadable PDF on the same page for you to print out, plus we send out instructions with your order.

Our wall stickers are transfers, they come as one product made up of three layers, peel the transfer film off the backing paper and the wall sticker will be stuck to it, then stick this to the wall and slowly peel off the transfer film from the sticker.

Yes this is fine as long as the lining paper has had at least one coat of paint it should remove the issue from the above question.

The simplest way is to just pick and peel, make sure you have some fingernails and if you struggle warming the sticker with a hairdryer first helps to soften the adhesive.

We have a limited range of colours so it is always best to request a free colour sample to make sure the colour is what you would like. Email

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a freshly plastered the walls please make sure that you have used an undercoat before painting as the paint surface will need to have been well keyed to the plaster or when removing the transfer film your paint could be damaged and require a touch up.

We have industry experience of applying vinyl which we have tried to pass on in a simple easy to use way, however we cannot take any responsibility for errors you make during the fitting of your Wall Glamour. We also cannot be held responsible for any damage to paint work when you are removing Wall Glamour. This is a DIY home decoration product and is supplied on the premise that you may have to touch up areas of paintwork after removal.