Cool Chairs

One piece of furniture that is often overlooked in our interiors is the humble chair. Often reduced to mere functionality, the chair can come in a bewildering variety of designs and can provide subtle differences to just about any room. So here’s a quick look at some of the classic chair designs of recent years.

These highly chic Danish dining chairs are the perfect combination of modern design and raw wooden textures. The highly tactile surfaces offer a reassuring sense of stability, and the sleek shape of the chairs forms a light and modernist take on the traditional dining chair.


Whereas this collection of chairs offer a great combination of materials to add a sense of chic stability to the dining area. The soft tan colour of the leather provides comfort and the stark black metal frames give a reassuring sense of modern functionality.


This classic mid-century chair design really offers an extravagant take on what chairs can be. The blue and white leather recalls the 1950s modernism of Italian sports cars and the cool brass frame really adds a level of luxury.


And another modern classic is illustrated below in the wonderfully decadent egg chair. The fantastic Danish design demands that you relax within its highly modernist, yet strangely comfortable confines. And the rich colour of the chair works brilliantly with the wooden tones and calming white walls.


And finally, this bedroom chair provides a great example of understated chic by giving the room a subtle modern twist with its chrome frame and softly welcoming shape. The warm chair tones work especially well with the cool blues of the walls and the funky curtain design.