Now that the natural light of summer has dimmed, you may find that adding a touch of colour will bring a much needed dose of life and joy to your home.

This wonderful Scandinavian living room bursts with bright yellows, pinks, greens and blues in a way that is exhilarating, yet not overwhelming. By keeping the colourful items compact, they are allowed to play off the clean white walls and stylish black leather sofa to great effect!


Bathrooms are somewhere that are often considered somewhat utilitarian and dull. But not this bathroom! A charming array of colourful buttons, bobbins and spools as wallpaper form a great backdrop to the chic sink, and transforms the space into a place full of life and charisma!


A select choice of ornaments like the brightly coloured candlesticks and vase below are another quick way to perk up a room. Especially when placed upon a wonderful bright blue glossy painted dresser!


Children’s bedrooms are another place that really benefit from adding a burst of colour. This children’s bedroom below is delightfully cheery with a joyously patterned pair of curtains, along with a playful transparent orange lightshade and a rich pink accent wall that shouldn’t work together, but just does!


So when the days are starting to seem cold and dull, just remember that with a dose of colour your home can become a place of wonder, warmth and light!