One of the items in the home that can dramatically vary in terms of it’s design is the humble clock.

Whether it be through an analogue or a digital clock face, there’s something reassuring about the clock and there are thousands of designs to choose from.

This highly stylish wall clock by Bai Design updates the traditional clock design with a 6 in 1 weather station function that not only adds to the visual element, but also helps you to keep an eye on the weather conditions. The simple black and white design should work in any modernist interior with its clean and stylish format.


Whereas this clock from the hyper-chic Elseware dispenses with the number format altogether but retains the universally recognised clock shape. The addition of the soft oranges and grey handmade felt to the electronic quartz clock motion adds a very textured and comforting feel.


And this extremely stylish wall clock allows you to place the clock numerals yourself! The clean black and white numbers are highly modern, and allow you to have hours of fun in positioning the numbers to your hearts content, and then seeing if you can tell the time from it afterwards!


This clock by the fantastic Dutch By Design company returns to the traditional clock shape, but replaces the numerals with some cute photo frames that would work really well in any shabby chic inspired living room.


But sometimes you’ll just want to return to the classic clock design. And this is a great instance of the grand Swedish Mora clock that originated in the 1800s. However, it has been brought right up to date with the highly individual bright yellow paint job that adds a great deal of funky charm to the stylish interior.