Cloche Glass

One seemingly obscure item that has really enjoyed a resurgence in interiors, in recent months, is the cloche glass.

The classically shaped pieces of Victoriana are a great way to add a touch of class to your homes, and allow you to display some of your more unique items in a fresh and funky way!

The cloche glass below is a great example. By filling the glass with some beautiful sea shells and corals, it provides a distinct and intriguing way to provide an otherworldly touch to a living room. It also makes a great accessory to other glass artefacts in the room.


And why have one, when you can have three! This collection of cutely varied cloche glasses is a great way to display varied figurines, which with the art-inspired cabinet and picture frames really add a touch of vibrancy to a seemingly functional hallway.


Cloches are a really quick and easy way to make a simple artefact look somehow special. This is shown by the simple candle in a cloche glass on the mantelpiece below that works really well with the other Victorian inspired artwork gathered around the fireplace.

put a cloche on it 5

And if you really fancy going out there, then check out this range of hanging cloche glasses! Also known as terrariums, the glasses are a fun way of displaying plants that adds a real sense of dimension to a room.


But above all, there is a simple sense of beauty in the bell jar shape that is instantly recognisable and heart-warmingly familiar. And it’s a great way to display some of your own little treasures and make them stand out!