One of the big trends that we’re seeing a lot of in 2016 is butterflies.

They are one of those shapes that are instantly recognisable, endlessly colourful and can be adapted in a variety of settings.

This living room uses a vintage butterfly tapestry to give the wall a real burst of life and colour. The butterfly image is stylised in an almost-childlike way to add a sense of fun, and the bold and simple colours tie together perfectly with the soft furnishings to provide a sharp and stylish central point for the eye.


Whereas this hallway provides a much more complex example of using a butterfly motif. The layered wall decoration uses a very naturalistic and enlarged butterfly image against a more stylised backdrop of butterfly, bird and foliage wallpaper that really adds a sense of depth and intrigue to this chic space.


What really makes the use of a butterfly motif in the home so attractive, is the way that it can quickly conjure up delicate feelings of the garden. This bedroom is awash with pretty garden motifs from the beautifully distressed screen and bedside table, to the theme that continues over the floral soft furnishings and finally the chic black and white butterfly chair.


Children’s bedrooms are often the place that you’d be most likely to find butterfly motifs. And this playful child’s bedspread is no exception! The soft pastel butterfly colours intermingle with flowers and petals to create a charming and breezy feel, and there are even tiny red butterfly decals on the bed frame!


But above all, the simple beauty of the shape and colour of the butterfly is all that’s needed to add a touch of exotic, yet familiar, glamour to your home. This work space is given a rustic and colourful focus point by the butterfly poster that ties in perfectly with the just-thrown-together feel of the accompanying rough and ready furniture.