Boys Bedroom Project – Part 1

The thought of doing this project is what has got me interested in the writing this blog post and the subsequent ones. My wife, kids and I have just moved home, we have to work through our whole house and decorate it in a way that suits us. So I thought that it would be a perfect opportunity to blog about it and give a ton of ideas to those in a similar situation.

My first project is for my son’s bedroom. I’ve got a pretty good idea of what I’d like to do and you can find my Pinterest board here which will give you some sort of idea as to the general style. I’m an ex-surfer and skater so we have some design elements we’d like to introduce, I say we as my boy and I have been flicking through Pinterest together. Occasionally he has some far out ideas that don’t fit the rest of the scheme, but that is when the trained eye of his father steps in and tries to convince him otherwise 😉

Our theme is going to be a mash-up of Surf/Skate culture, some Star Wars and some Batman/Superman details. Yes that is some mixing pot I know, and if I was a true interior designer I’d probably have a melt down, but I’m not, I’m just a Dad trying to make his son happy …the customer is right after all 🙂

Of course we’re going to be featuring wall stickers, but only in the context that they fit into an overall scheme, these posts are not for the sake of selling wall stickers. Though it may generate a few products from the process.

Boys Bedroom Pinterest Board

The main problem I have with Licensed products like Superman/Batman and Star Wars is that they are heavily protected by copyright, as a designer I do value that protection as it should protect my designs too. So we will be having to find a way to incorporate these designs without infringing copyright.

My son is four and we’re just moving into the phase where his Dad is his idol, thankfully as he has been a mummy’s boy until now and I barely got a look-in. This means that he has developed a taste for black, everything. This is because I and the Wall Glamour team wear black uniform when we are working on site, so he thinks it is my favourite colour. My wife said last week Sorry to say that he hasn’t been able to make you a Father’s Day card at Playschool like all the other kids did. The reason being that the card was blue and Daddy only likes black!”

The point is he wants black walls, black furniture etc but his Mum doesn’t. My compromise will be a dark Blue wall. Which I’ll either paint white dots on like stars, or I might add a false wall and stick LEDs behind. This will lead nicely into the Star Wars theme and possibly Batman, not sure about Superman yet.

Anyway check out my scribbles below and also my pinterest board for ideas, I’ll be posting more images as things progress.