With spring soon to arrive, it’s time to celebrate the coming of warmth and nature. And whilst it might still be a little chilly to get outside and bask in the sunshine, there is no reason why you can’t bring a touch of nature indoors with some of these botanical design ideas!

This living room works wonderfully by using a rich grass green wall colouring that contrasts beautifully with the soft cream and white tones. And the orderly layout of silver-framed vintage plant prints adds a sense of botanical sophistication that is perfect for those quiet and tranquil afternoons.


And this Scandinavian inspired living room uses contrast to great effect. The minimal white walls and furniture form a perfectly calming backdrop to the bold splashes of colour introduced through the botanical artwork and artfully placed cushions.


The ramshackle elements of the garden come together to great effect in this desk area. The casual use of mismatched frames and fruit prints form a fun and funky visual aesthetic and livens up the more formal striped wallpaper. And the rustic desk and chair offer the perfect blend of functionality and down-home charm.


An altogether more sombre mood is conjured up by this selection of botanical prints below. The artfully produced Danish prints are full of elegance and mystery and form a highly evocative contrast to the dusky black charcoal walls.


And just to prove that you don’t have to get out into the garden to experience a bit of botanical style, you can always get one of these fantastic terrariums. They are a fun and easy way to bring a bit of the garden into the home, and perfect for adding a touch of Victorian chic to your interior!