Book Storage

One of the under-appreciated areas of home design can often be storage spaces, especially when it comes to books.

It’s a shame because books have a great aesthetic value and can instantly give a room a sense of life, colour and imagination!

This Scandinavian home shows how much fun can be had in displaying reams of books in a compact space. The haphazard arrangement of uniform wooden shelves is nicely split up into different levels, and the books offer a great contrast of colour and chaos to the tidy white interior.

tumblr_mvudhxP1QU1qzvgm4o1_1280 (1)

Whereas this book storage idea is much more controlled and is given a sharp, industrial feel with the upcycled metal garage shelves. It’s also a good place to note how the books are arranged in height and colour to really complete the thoughtful and organised aesthetic.


Sometimes the range and sheer quantity of books in your home can give you a headache in thinking about the best way to display them. Whilst not all of us are lucky enough to have our own private library, this room shows a good way to make it not too overwhelming by utilising clean lines and, most importantly, an area of negative space that allows the eye to breathe!


Not all book storage solutions have to rely on the traditional shelving units of course. These chic book racks are placed on the back of a door to not only maximise limited space, but also create a charming book feature that livens up the austere white doorway.

storage 1

And this storage solution really pushes the boat out in terms of innovation. The vertical book tower again maximises limited storage space, yet retains its functionality and adds a sharp modern aesthetic!