Logos, Logos, Everywhere…

Logos are all over the place, right? But what makes a logo really stand out? And why is it so important for branding? Whether you’re a CEO of a big tech company or just own a small business, logos are a crucial part of building a brand. The most successful companies in the world all have logos that are easily recognizable and stick in people’s minds. Coincidence? Maybe, but keep reading.

Creating a logo that perfectly represents your company’s mission and products isn’t always simple, especially if it’s your first time. So if you’re thinking about creating a logo for your business, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Make it short, snappy and to the point.- Don’t make it too complex, trying to incorporate your company name and what you do where you are etc is all too much for a logo.
  • Don’t try and copy other logos, YOU WILL FAIL – One thing many companies do is try and put their twist on an already famous logo, best not to do that. KFC cleverly picked up companies doing this and responded


  • What’s your message? – All too often companies fail with their logos because they don’t know who their customers are and what is the message they want to convey to them. Think about that. What do you want people who view your logo to think about your business?
  • Make it relevant – Your logo will may not hit the spot if it doesn’t remotely resemble anything to do with your company. Granted some companies are harder to represent in an image than others but there’s always a way. If you wanted to buy car tyres and you came across a company with a Flamingo as their logo, you would have no idea what it is they do upon first glance. That is the sign of a BAD logo, you need instant recognition. People have an incredibly short attention span and need to know what it is you’re all about or at least a general idea from your logo.


Getting your logo/brand seen

If you have gone to the expense of paying a lot of money for your brand, we think you should at least use it….everywhere you can. #BRANDEVERYTHING. 

Slap your logo everywhere you can, on social media, all over your website and possibly what we believe to be the most effective way, on stickers! Without bragging too much, stickers are an awesome way to get your brand out there. They can be slapped on loads of stuff like technology, your office, vehicles, hell even stick them on yourself! If you don’t put the effort in spreading your kick ass logo, how do you expect anyone to recognise it or know who you are?


Creating STKRS logo

I know most of you reading will find this hard to believe but STKRS hasn’t always had the perfect logo we’ve got now. I know, I know, even we needed to rebrand, it’s normal. Very few companies will immediately hit the nail on the head with their initial branding. The best advice we can give is look at your company’s logo/brand from the eyes of the customer, does it convey the message you want to get out there? Do the customers know what you do from looking at your logo? Is it memorable? These are all the questions you need to consider if you’re second guessing your logo or feel your branding could be better. 



So, in conclusion, take all of the above into consideration, what the logo tells people subtly or explicitly, remember you have only moments to tell your story. You can create your own logo using photoshop or other software, you can hire someone online via Fivver, or you can splash out and get it done professionally by a designer or a brand agency. Whichever path you choose, your logo will become associated with your service so remember to make all your customer/supplier interactions great, or people will associate your logo with negative thoughts rather than positive ones. Once you have a great and memorable logo don’t forget to #BRANDEVERYTHING

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