Like most things in life, “it depends”.

There is not much point in writing a post with the above title and then not answering more in-depth, so let’s dig a little deeper. Let’s start with the entry-level price, a single wall sticker of your logo. We can print and ship your logo for probably under £100 (including the shipping). This would be something you install yourself, it will be large, but shouldn’t be too taxing, we have clients who call themselves ‘desk jockies’ that have managed this. ‘Slow and steady, wins’ in this case.

Moving on from there let’s say you have a room you want a photographic mural in, it might be an office, a reception area or a small canteen. We could ship you this mural for you to install, but in our experience, most people freak out at the thought of installing a mural this large, so we also offer an installation service with projects of this size. A wall could be printed and installed for under £1000…there are two main variables in this and that is the width and height of the room. Additional costs would be travel. We do travel the whole of the UK installing wall graphics for our clients so it is never an issue getting a professional installer to your office.

We can offer a survey service if you are not 100% confident with your own measuring skills, for one mural this may not be needed, but when a project gets bigger with more complex designs or spaces we are often asked to survey projects, this would be around £300. This has the benefit of making sure that we are aware of any issues before we arrive on site, things that may cause installation halts or problems, it also takes the pressure off you, as we take the final measurements.

What is a typical price for an office project then? Well again, it depends, but if we look at our average project size over the years you would probably be able to install a number of logos and/or statements, a couple of full wall murals, a few horizontal/vertical banners (we call these banners, but they are just narrow murals, max 1300mm wide/tall like the one in the image below). Something on this scale for a small business with a couple of offices, reception and common spaces would be around the £3500 mark.

Projects with much larger scope can be £10,000 upwards, we have done some very large projects in the past in multiple spaces, but we have yet to breach the £50,000 for a single project. When you look at numbers like these you might be forgiven for valuing them from the facilities management budget, but we’d also suggest you pinch some of the marketing or branding budget also. When you consider that a website can cost between £3000-£50000 and upwards, and usually only has a life span of 2 years and 7 months (I Googled it), you can see this as a reasonable investment in your business, as our projects will typically be on walls for 5 to 10years. The value of the investment can also be offset against increased productivity due to working in a more attractive environment, reflecting in the well-being of staff working in a space that reflects your brand values.

There are so many variables within a specific project that it will require a quote, for example installing a wrap on a reception desk, or a lift, is more complicated than installing a logo sticker on a blank wall so without seeing project details it is difficult to pick a price that covers a specific project. It is therefore always best to get in touch to discuss your project, but I hope this post takes away some of the ‘unknown’ and helps you understand some ‘ballpark’ figures.

Finally, one other pricing aspect that our clients typically do is ‘spread the cost’, not through Klarna or a loan, but by doing some key areas of their office this year and some other areas next year. Most businesses start with the client-facing areas and then move on to staff areas, but each client is different. We have built many a relationship with our clients on this basis, where we started with just a few logos on walls and ended up eventually doing all the floors of their office.

But don’t take my word for it…watch this video.

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