Closet Doors

If there’s one item of furniture that positively begs to be graced with a bit of artistic flair, it’s the humble closet door. There’s something about the… Read more »


One of the items in the home that can dramatically vary in terms of it’s design is the humble clock. Whether it be through an analogue or… Read more »


It’s interesting how some countries can conjure up an instantly recognisable interior style just by the mention of their name. And Morocco is an excellent example of… Read more »


Far from being places of tedium and drudgery, today our home offices are increasingly becoming places of style. A few key ingredients make up the modern home… Read more »


There can be few things as magical in any room as a well-placed mirror. Whether it be a vintage thrift shop find, or even the most groundbreaking… Read more »


2016 looks like it will be remembered as the year that everything went slightly tropical. Whether it was the influence of the Rio Olympics, or just a… Read more »

Mid Century Chic

One trend that seems to be hitting the interiors blogs at the moment is the use of designs and ideas from the 1940s and 1950s. The mid-century… Read more »


With spring soon to arrive, it’s time to celebrate the coming of warmth and nature. And whilst it might still be a little chilly to get outside… Read more »


One great way to give your home a refreshing flavour, is to take inspiration from the sea and all of the riches that it has to offer.… Read more »

Olive Green

One colour that has taken its time in returning to the foreground is olive green. Omnipresent in the 1970s, it fell out of favour for being dated… Read more »


Although Chirstmas may get top billing in terms of a festive decorating extravaganza, there is something refreshing and understated about the way that we approach the Easter… Read more »

Spring Bedroom

Now that spring is just around the corner, it’s a great time to embrace all of the beauty that the season has to offer by giving your… Read more »

Get Organised

With the New Year well and truly in its swing, now is the time to turn your eye to your home and have a good sort out.… Read more »

Colourful Prints

As the days begin to get lighter and the flowers begin to bloom, it’s a great reminder to inject your home with a bit of colour. And… Read more »

Spring Clean

With many of us having a good spring clean at this time of year, you may also want to pare down the interiors of your home to… Read more »


If you’re ever struggling for a way to give your interiors a bit of life, then why not introduce a few bird motifs? The use of birds… Read more »


Last year, it seemed that animals in interiors were everywhere. You couldn’t enter a room without seeing an owl ornament, a stag on a cushion or even… Read more »


With the cold and dark months of winter still upon us, you may be looking for ways to give your home a bit of extra warmth. And… Read more »


Not content with causing a massive trend in fashion and beauty circles, the ombre craze is showing no signs of slowing down in interiors either. The effect… Read more »


One thing that has been omnipresent this year in interiors is metallics. It seems that no room can be complete without some kind of precious metal lurking… Read more »


One unusual trend that has been popping up across the interiors blogs recently is that of origami-inspired interiors. This technique of using folded paper to create finished… Read more »


One iconic piece of imagery that seems to keep cropping up in interiors is the humble map. Whether it be a global map of the world or… Read more »


Now that the new year has begun, how about giving a few of your under-appreciated rooms a bit of a jazzy makeover? The bathroom is one room… Read more »

Being Bold

With the brand New Year upon us, it’s always a good time to look for some bold new design inspiration to give us some fresh ideas about… Read more »


One of the big textures to hit interiors in recent months is kilim. Kilim is a word of Turkish origin that describes the flatweave pattern that is… Read more »

New York, New York

If there’s one place that truly sums up metropolitan chic, it has to be New York. And here we’re going to look at a few of the… Read more »


One country that is becoming renowned for hyper-modernist style is Japan. With its arch minimalism, refined functionality and acute spatial awareness, Japan is a great place to… Read more »


Few colours can cause such controversy in the world of interiors as that of pink. Often reviled for being too feminine or child-like, it nonetheless has an… Read more »


This blog post is dedicated to the fun that you can have in your home through using furniture, fabrics and accessories in unconventional ways to provide a… Read more »


It’s reassuring to find that sometimes you don’t have to use expensive materials to make an interior that is stylish and striking. Plywood is a great example… Read more »


One thing that we’ve learned from interior design is to always expect the unexpected. And in this case, it’s the gradual adaptation of graffiti in our homes!… Read more »


Sometimes trends in interiors take a surprising turn. And the current wave of seeing skulls decorating homes is one of the strangest yet. Whether it is partaking… Read more »


There are few ways to give your interiors such an immediate touch of luxury as the use of gold. This precious metal has been highly sought after… Read more »

Small Is Beautiful

While we can all stand back and admire grand homes with elaborate furniture and spectacular designs, the reality of our home lives is usually a little different.… Read more »

Minimal Christmas

One thing that every interior designer fears when facing the festive season is clutter. Something about Christmas and all its requisite accessory can soon turn any home… Read more »


One area of the home that offers great design potential, yet often gets overlooked is the stairs. This is somewhat surprising as the basic elements of stairs… Read more »

Vintage Christmas

It’s that time of year where we get to decorate our homes with festive furnishings and celebrate the joys of Christmas. Here we’re going to take a… Read more »


The DIY crafting revolution has been going on for quite a few years now and one of its main areas of activity is in the home. In… Read more »

Shabby Chic Christmas

If there’s one time of year that seems purpose-built for the shabby-chic aesthetic, it’s Christmas! Something about the happily thrown together colours and vintage themes suits shabby-chic… Read more »

Utility Room

One of the most under-appreciated areas of the home has to be the humble utility room. Often just a gathering place of buckets, mops and laundry baskets,… Read more »

Wall Hangings

One quick and easy way to liven up an interior, is through the use of wall hangings. The picture below shows how the use of a block… Read more »


One trend that is both endlessly reliable and relentlessly modern, is the use of geometric shapes in wall art and soft furnishings. The repeated use of bold,… Read more »

Winter Trends

Now that winter is just around the corner, we’re going to take a look at a few of the trends that are hitting the interior design world… Read more »

Folk Art

Here we’re going to taking a look at one trend that has revolutionised the way that we can furnish and decorate our interiors. The folk art revolution… Read more »

Book Storage

One of the under-appreciated areas of home design can often be storage spaces, especially when it comes to books. It’s a shame because books have a great… Read more »


Here at Wall Glamour, we’re well aware of the fact that most households don’t have the unlimited budgets that most interior magazines have when giving rooms a… Read more »

Cool Chairs

One piece of furniture that is often overlooked in our interiors is the humble chair. Often reduced to mere functionality, the chair can come in a bewildering… Read more »


Sometimes we can be so focused on making our rooms spectacular, that we often forget to lavish attention on one of the key features; the door. Often… Read more »

Dining Room Makeover

For many of us, the dining room is the focal point of our homes. It’s the place where we all gather together to eat and socialise. Despite… Read more »


In 2015 there seemed to be a dominance of palm leafs and pineapple motifs indulging us in all our tropical fantasies. But 2016 sees interiors taking inspiration… Read more »


Now that the natural light of summer has dimmed, you may find that adding a touch of colour will bring a much needed dose of life and… Read more »

Dark Walls

One thing that we’ve been praising a lot recently are clean whites and the clarity of calming light tones. However, this time we’re taking a look at… Read more »


Halloween is the one time of year where we can really indulge in our imaginations, and for one night only turn our homes into a magical and… Read more »


Now that temperatures across the country are starting to dip, it’s time to take a look at the area of the home where we find natural warmth;… Read more »


One trend that we thought we’d never see the return of since its hey-day in the post-war years, is the return of concrete! Seemingly the world’s interior… Read more »


Something that we all learned at school, but maybe have got a little out of practice with, is the art of collage. Any home can be livened… Read more »


One pattern that is both classic and endlessly stylish is tartan. The pattern which consists of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands of colour is instantly recognisable and… Read more »

Black & White

One of the ‘go-to’ themes for any designer is to use the simple powers of a black and white colour palette. It’s an instant way to give… Read more »

Summer Holiday

It’s always fairly heart-breaking to come back after a luxurious summer holiday, but you can always take a bit of inspiration from your distant excursions to brighten… Read more »

Kids Study Area

One of the most feared phrases in any child’s mind must be ‘back to school’. And now that the summer holidays are drawing to a close, we… Read more »


Summer seems to be the time of year where you can see more sporting events than usual. And where there’s sports, there are inevitably flags. So we… Read more »


One of the big trends that we’re seeing a lot of in 2016 is butterflies. They are one of those shapes that are instantly recognisable, endlessly colourful… Read more »

Cloche Glass

One seemingly obscure item that has really enjoyed a resurgence in interiors, in recent months, is the cloche glass. The classically shaped pieces of Victoriana are a… Read more »


Chalkboards are a convenient and fun way to give you space in your home to write lists, draw pictures and organise your life. Here we’re taking a… Read more »


Sometimes our interiors work best when we strip everything back and reveal the raw beauty of the building itself. And there’s few more immediately beneficial ways to… Read more »

Autumn Trends

It there’s one season that can really invigorate our enthusiasm for our homes, it has to be autumn. It’s the time of year where the temperature starts… Read more »


One of the great things to look forward to in the summer months, is the time when fruit begins to appear. And not being ones to let… Read more »

Summer Exterior ideas

With the long warm days of summer upon us, it’s time to celebrate being outdoors with a look at how we can apply our interior skills to… Read more »

Boss is Back to Blogging

Hello my name is Rick and I’m the owner of Wall Glamour, it has been a long time since I’ve blogged and I don’t think I ever really introduced… Read more »

Volvos with style

I know Volvos are not everyones cup of tea and I know that the little one (C30) has some interesting styling features, but I really like this.… Read more »

Feb Photo Comp Winner!

Well this month saw three entries into our photo competition and at the very last minute we had a winner the winner was Jaime with this great… Read more »

Photo Competition Jan

This month we have a photo that goes along with our recent Ikea Hacker entry, Gifty sent us these two pics of a coffee table that now… Read more »

New products

Well we have finally committed to doing some B I G stickers. A few of our friends have been pushing us to do it for a while… Read more »

Ask Us!

I thought I’d kick off introducing this little feature by showing you what we did. > The Email Hi there, we are in the middle of decorating… Read more »