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I thought I’d kick off introducing this little feature by showing you what we did.

> The Email
Hi there, we are in the middle of decorating our bathroom and i’m looking for inspiration on your wall art. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to send me some ideas. I also have a wee girl that’ll be 2 soon but i quite like the “hotel bathroom” look so it would be combining fun with funky. Thank you so much for your time – and the website looks great! Kindest Regards.

> Our Response
Have a look at this and see what you think, I think it should give you a few options for keeping your hotel look but still having a splash of colour and interest for your daughter.

Litlle Girls Bathroom Ideas
> Their Response
Thank you for doing that for me Rick, those ideas are fab! I just love the way you can change a whole room by using something so simple – it’s great!
Thanks again for all your help.
Kindest Regards

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