Alpha Health Care


Alpha Health Care are the owners of a care home facility in near Walsall, they have three homes on the site that we have been working in to provide personalised care. The range of works has been to make standard room doors look like domestic front doors, and plain walls to look like hairdressers, bakeries, cafes and pubs. We have used wall graphics in dining areas, sensory rooms and lounge areas. And we have also used images of bookcases, brick and stone walls to obscure major entry/exits and lifts.

We produced canvas prints that were wrapped around a solid core, rather than a frame, to project the prints from damage. We also supply large printed photos that are also directly onto boards for the site.

“I have worked with Wall Glamour for a number of years. The design and installation team have been influential in bringing a warmth, calming and personal feeling to our healthcare facilities. They provide a professional service and care about the wall art they install.”
Mark Tomalin, Chief Executive Officer, Alpha Health Care Ltd