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A selection of some of our most recent projects

Wall Glamour® specialise in large photographic wall murals and architectural graphics for interiors. We work with commercial interior designers, architects and brands to create unique spaces for the business, education, health and leisure industries. Our clients have won awards for the projects we have contributed to, and our contribution is often the most noticeable part of the project.

Our commercial work has been varied, from wall murals, vertical graphics, room wraps, furniture wraps, and reception desk wraps. We have also added a full range of architectural surfaces from 3M Di-Noc and CoverStyl which help us to replenish and updated fire-doors, building columns, walkways and walls in a wide range of finishes.

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Sunbury Manor School

Grosvenor Interiors

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Enjoy Digital  Leeds HQ

Enjoy Digital

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iVendi Colwyn Bay HQ


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Logo Walls

Youtube/Podcast backgrounds, selfie walls or product walls

Transform spaces with us! We’re offering a Brand Your Space starter kit, in the form of a Logo Wall. The wall graphic comes at 1.3m wide by 2.5m tall background and a separate Logo.

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Some Of The Brands We Have Worked With

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